Who is Keturah Rena

Keturah Spends much of her day trying to maximize her PROVERBS 31, by investing in herself and her entrepreneurial subsidies. Not only is she a published author on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but she is also a Virtual Assistant, a Crafts Merchant, and Teachers Pay Teachers content producer. Between providing for her house and homeschooling, this mother of four has her hands full. Keturah's passion for education drives her in contributing to the raising up a strong, vibrant, and awakened generation through her businesses and writing. This author/illustrator relies heavily on prayer and direction from Yahuah to help her produce fantastic content for all ages. She refers to it as Yah working through her hands. With no formal training, it is obvious to see that prayer is paying off!

Latest News

Esther the brave is well underway, stay tuned for updates. I cant wait to show you all the amazing things to come.

Fusionista 5

This is my sounding board team. It's made up of some really amazing sister who help me keep ideas on track and get my ideas out. Every great person has an even more amazing team, They are my team!