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The old adage is true; representation matters. In later years there has been a dramatic increase in various types of melanated media representation.  This is amazing! There are more “so-called" Black children's books on the market than you can count. With very little effort anyone can easily fill their home library with melanated children’s books. However, what about cultural representation? Where are the children’s books that depict our history, and I’m not just talking about the "we came from Africa” books; I mean where are the books that depict our biblical culture, Hebrew culture, Yah’s culture? There is a definite lack in the market, here is one centralized location to find some of the wonderful books written FOR US, BY US.

Someone In My Bible

This book is to help children learn the ABC's, help sound out words, and to learn unfamiliar people in the Bible!

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The Truth Twins: Noah's Arc of Courage 

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Eat and Live

Are you ready to learn why the creator's health instructions are good? Come on this rhythmic journey and these commandments will surely be understood! Children big and small will love this detailed illustrated reference, Seeing illustrations and facts provided on why some things are clean and unclean will help your child see how this Torah portion makes sense. This story is packed with evidence and detailed facts concerning the different plants and animals the creator permits His set-apart people to eat. This is a great teaching companion with the restored names of the Holy Scriptures as a much needed treat. As you read this book you will be refreshed to see the Hebraic family culture throughout. As well as the truthful depictions of biblical characters who were African, without a doubt.

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Tragedy struck Anthony 5yrs. ago. Now he has dubbed himself Hi-Top, Anthony is bent on finding his best friend, and will stop at nothing until he is found. As his search for his friend grows, Hi-Top will come face to face with a power that hasn’t been used for decades, and along with that power comes The villainous Sons of The Cross…

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The Enemy Within

When a woman is physically beaten, everyone knows. But how do you know when she experiences emotional bruises and battery? Which one of your friends right now suffers from the emotional lashing of a tongue? Although the wounds may not appear visible to the naked eye; they still have real physical effects. The Enemy Within tells the story of a survivor. One who beat the odds and broke free, before her abuser broke her. Simchah is a strong woman. Although seasoned by time and worn down by life, she is a warrior who endured many wounds on the battlefield of life. This story picks up where most stories end. Simchah entrusts her young granddaughter, Zaharah, with her hard-learned life-truths, in hopes Zaharah may learn from her mistakes. Through Simchah’s journals, Zaharah takes a painful walk down memory lane and witnesses the emotional abuse her grandmother endured. Simchah's ethnographic chronicles of her abusive marriage reveal, although she saw the signs of abuse early in her relationship, she did not recognize them until they grew and ultimately blew up in her face. After reading her grandmother’s journals, Zaharah sees her grandmother, and the world around her, from a refreshed and informed perspective and in a whole new light of lived truths.

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The 3 Little Hebrew Boys 

and the Big Bad Wolf

Three Little Hebrew Boys And The Big Bad Wolf, is a new and refreshing biblical spin on a beloved classic fable. Follow Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as they fight the good fight of faith and learn the value of love; the strongest force against evil. This story is jam-packed with biblical nuggets, scriptures, and a teaching guide to help you take the story off the pages and into your hearts.

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We Are Peculiar

Children will learn to love being peculiar after reading this short story about adjectives! Did you know that God calls us peculiar? Discover what it means to be peculiar as well as some other pretty neat adjectives inside! Positive imagery and new vocabulary will plant seeds of excellence in your child's mind. Pages include critical thinking questions to keep young readers engaged. Biblical references along with vivid imagery help to make the connection between your child and their rich culture.

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What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?

Jacob, an inquisitive nine-year-old, is very confused about something. Of all the different names given to people that look like him, which one was there in the beginning? He needs to know, “What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?”He goes to everyone he can, tirelessly searching, asking: “What Name Does The Creator of All Things Call Me?” And surprisingly, he gets a bunch of different answers. His mother says “Black,” while Grandma and Papa refuse to be that, and call themselves “Negro,” but his teacher, Mrs. Tito, says “African-American” is definitely preferred by most! Now more puzzled than when he began, Jacob decides to ask the Creator of man, “What Name Do You Call Me?” That night in an amazing dream he gets his long-awaited answer, and it is full of meaning - telling the extraordinary story of his people perfectly.

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Swift Walker: A Journey Around the Oceans

Learn about the oceans!

Swift Walker loves to walk fast. His sister warns him, "One day, you'll walk so fast you won't be able to stop!" Sure enough, his speedy legs take him on a speedy journey to see all the oceans of the world.

Swift Walker Science and Geography Books for Kids introduces kids to the continents, maps, and basic geography concepts with a fun character they can relate to

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Yahloni and the Matanah

Yahloni is a series about a young Hebrew girl growing up in a not so Hebrew world. She is trying to find balance in living up to her Hebrew roots and fitting in, in an environment that is not so friendly to her customs. In each book, Yahloni is faced with a conflict that she resolves biblically, however, she has a hard time realizing what she has done until her mom explains it to her. Yahloni also has a special gift from YAHUAH that helps her in every sticky situation she finds herself in.

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Swift Walker: A Space Adventure

Learn about our solar system!

Swift Walker loved to walk fast. His sister warned him, "One day, you'll walk so fast you won't be able to stop!" His speedy legs took him to see all the oceans of the world, and now his "superpowers" are taking him to a whole new level. Join Swift on an adventure to all the planets in our solar system.

Swift Walker: A Space Adventure introduces kids to real facts about our solar system with a fun character they can relate to.

Perfect for home, school, or homeschoolers. Ages 4 and up.

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You Are a Treasured Gift

How amazing would it be, if all of us had a foundation based on how much we are loved and needed in this world? To be adorned by someone who has loved us since before we were born. Yes, every child needs to know that they are loved, treasured, and protected. That Yahweh, the Most High God created them with a purpose, and was brought to this Earth for a reason.

Children are a gift. A gift to be nurtured and handled with care, as we teach them about the love of our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). No matter what color you are, or the background you come from, Yahweh (God) loves you and created you with a purpose for His Kingdom.

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In Each Moment

In Each Moment is an anthology of short stories and poems giving voice to those who can't raise theirs. The stories depict the struggles, hurts, joys, and triumphs of women longing for the one thing that would make them feel whole and fulfilled love. The main characters experience a myriad of emotions from immense joy to unchartered struggles, to sheer trauma and pain, they are characters you can feel. You will experience simple pleasure and deep connections. You will experience love and loss. You will experience despair, understanding, and solace. Whether love, loss or life-altering moments you will be entangled in the emotional web. In Each Moment is recommended for secondary and post-secondary classrooms, Women's Studies, and book clubs as well. In Each Moment is Urban Fiction with a twist of academia and avoids the usual salacious language of the genre

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I AM A Daughter of Sarah

This paperback book is a collection of inspirational statements and bible verses to inspire Hebrew daughters of all ages with vivid, beautiful images on every page. Add a matching activity book with coloring pages, a cut out bracelet, a short story, and word puzzles

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Can I Give The Creator a Hug, a Kiss, or a Fancy Gift?

Rebe loves to spend time with her family. With them, she can express her love in many ways. When they're together they hug, kiss, and sometimes even give special gifts. Though on one of these occasions her grandmother says something so very puzzling: she says The Creator is a part of the family too! And this gets Rebe's mind wondering wildly, "Can I Give The Creator a Hug, a Kiss, or a Fancy Gift?" What she learns by asking this helps her understand why The Creator gave us the commandments.

This book helps children grasp the significance of the ten commandments, and how keeping them improves relationships and self-respect.

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Magenta Dahlia; Righteous Flower

Magenta Dahlia: Righteous Flower is a story, coloring and activity book for princesses of all ages. Follow Princess Magenta on the path of righteousness and meet her favorite flower, the Magenta Dahlia

💙💙 Let her know she is a princess

Let her know she is clever

Let her know that she is beautiful

Let her know she is

powerful, amazing, wonderful, amazing Show the world!!!!.

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A'Marie the Azar

A'marie the Azar is the first of a series of stories where the heavenly host goes to the aid of urban youth in trouble. She helps them with their difficulties and ensures they are on track for a quality living before returning home to Liberia. Her major goal is to help children whose childhoods would otherwise be stolen and those who may not have a chance to reach their goals and grow their talents. She draws them to God while she helps. In book one, A'marie answers this call for a new purpose in her life, she becomes a heavenly host to children.

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Esther the Brave: From Cinders to Crowns

Isaiah 61: 3 To give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

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One of a Kind Hair Like Mine

Sneak Peek into my next book ...

I'm so excited to share this with you. One of a Kind Hair Like Mine is an adorable story about a little girl on a Self-Love journey where she learns the importance of loving her hair.

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