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Why should I donate?

Although, I am DETERMINED to complete the mission of creating distributing free Israelite Children's Literature to the less fortunate by myself if I have to; it doesn't mean a girl wouldn't appreciate and love some help. Your donations not only help provide extra resources for the fight. It also strengthens the mission and helps us march faster. Even if all you can do is share a post or recommend us to a friend. Any and all forms of help are welcomed and wanted. I thank those who have supported and donated in times past and those who will donate in times future. Your labor and sacrifices aren't in vain.

Belizean Book Drive

We're collecting Israelite children's books to send to children in Belize. This method will allow you to directly purchase books for children in Belize. It also gives the author an Amazon boost and royalties. It's a win-win. Why not help children and support your brothers and sisters at the same time. If you would like to participate in this mission to spread our culture and Yahs word,

 click the link below.


Book Drive for Children in Belize

Don't feel like picking a book to send to Belize? No problem, we are accepting cash donations as well.

Cultural Representation Funding

If you just like the things that we are doing, and want to support the mission of spreading Cultural Representation through literature. Then by all means we say Thank You! We appreciate your love and generosity.